Energy Generation from Thermopower Waves

Thermopower waves is a novel concept of energy generation, first reported by Strano lab in March 2010. This method uses chemical energy of fuels to generate electrical output by using nanomaterials and exploiting their high thermal and electrical conductivity. 

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Nanosensor Platforms for the Study of Cellular Signalling

Intra- and inter-cellular signaling pathways often involve chemical fluxes that are too small to detect using conventional assays and instrumentation.  The Strano laboratory designs and synthesizes fluorescent nanosensors capable of listening to these signals, even at the single molecule level.  Our work focuses on the synthesis and mathematical analysis of these analytical platforms to solve biological problems.

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Single Carbon Nanotube Nanopores

By growing and isolating ultra-long (>1 cm) SWNT, we have been able to form the longest, highest-aspect ratio nanopores ever achieved. With unbroken, persistent interior diameters between 1 and 2 nm, these pores allow us to study transport phenomena on an unprecedented scale.

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