Our Mission Statement

"In order to improve the human condition, the Strano Research Group seeks to understand nanometer-scale phenomena using mathematics and chemistry and invent new technologies for health, energy, food production, and materials science."

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In-Vivo Implantable Nanosensors

Iverson, N. M., Barone, P. W., Shandell, M., Trudel, L. J., Sen, S., Sen, F., ... & Strano, M. S. (2013). In vivo biosensing via tissue-localizable near-infrared-fluorescent single-walled carbon nanotubes. Nature nanotechnology8(11), 873-880.

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Corona Phase Molecular Recognition (CoPhMoRe)

Zhang, J., Landry, M. P., Barone, P. W., Kim, J. H., Lin, S., Ulissi, Z. W., ... & Strano, M. S. (2013). Molecular recognition using corona phase complexes made of synthetic polymers adsorbed on carbon nanotubes. Nature nanotechnology8(12), 959-968.

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Plant Nanobionics

Giraldo, J. P., Landry, M. P., Faltermeier, S. M., McNicholas, T. P., Iverson, N. M., Boghossian, A. A., ... & Strano, M. S. (2014). Plant nanobionics approach to augment photosynthesis and biochemical sensing. Nature materials13(4), 400-408.

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Design and Application of Nanosensor Arrays

Jin, H., Heller, D. A., Kalbacova, M., Kim, J. H., Zhang, J., Boghossian, A. A., ... & Strano, M. S. (2010). Detection of single-molecule H2O2 signalling from epidermal growth factor receptor using fluorescent single-walled carbon nanotubes. Nature Nanotechnology5(4), 302-309.

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Exciton Engineering of Nanosystems

Bellisario, D. O., Jain, R. M., Ulissi, Z., & Strano, M. S. (2014). Deterministic modelling of carbon nanotube near-infrared solar cells. Energy & Environmental Science7(11), 3769-3781.

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Next Generation Nanocomposite Systems

Liu, P., Wetzel, Eric D., Walsh, S., & Strano, M.S. (Submitted) Towards Ambient Armor: Can New Materials Change Longstanding Concepts of Projectile Protection.

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Understanding 2D Materials

Son, Y., Wang, Q. H., Paulson, J. A., Shih, C. J., Rajan, A. G., Tvrdy, K., ... & Strano, M. S. (2015). Layer Number Dependence of MoS2 Photoconductivity Using Photocurrent Spectral Atomic Force Microscopic Imaging. ACS nano,9(3), 2843-2855.

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Thermal Engineering and Nanoenergetics

Choi, W., Hong, S., Abrahamson, J. T., Han, J. H., Song, C., Nair, N., ... & Strano, M. S. (2010). Chemically driven carbon-nanotube-guided thermopower waves. Nature materials9(5), 423-429.

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Transport Through Nanopores

Choi, W., Ulissi, Z. W., Shimizu, S. F., Bellisario, D. O., Ellison, M. D., & Strano, M. S. (2013). Diameter-dependent ion transport through the interior of isolated single-walled carbon nanotubes. Nature communications4.


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